Jonathan Karl Fails

In Jonathan Karl’s recent book, Front Row at The Trump Show, the ABC news White House correspondent has a public service announcement for his fellow White House colleagues to heed, and for the rest of the mainstream media to follow.   Karl writes, “The surest way to undermine the credibility of the White House press corps is to behave like the political opposition.  Report the facts.  Investigate.  Ask the hard questions.  Don’t give speeches from the White House briefing room.” Karl also notes that, “The key to a good interview is to listen... you shouldn't even notice the interviewer is there.” While Karl offers poignant advice, his words ring hollow.  Anyone who has witnessed the actions of Karl’s fellow White House reporters, and the media who have covered the Trump Administration over the last several years, can attest that few, if any of his colleagues seem to have received the memo. Karl’s...(Read Full Article)
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