Human Resources and Cancel Culture

Current human resource (HR) policies deliberately misuse terms such as diversity and equity to achieve political ends.  That isn’t news. But the process by which those terms were twisted into their current shapes is worth a look.  Likewise, it is important to see how their current usage is grounded in economic ignorance and unsound ethics.  Sadly, the resultant HR policies -- including microaggression training and gender-and-race training -- feed a growth industry of diversity hucksters.  These quick-buck artists subvert productive corporate meritocracies and replace them with systems that enshrine mediocrity, manufacture complaints, and generate resentment – not to mention whining and pearl clutching.  Even worse, the dismal results of these programs only seem to validate those who started them!  The dysfunctional corporate cultures they create give politically motivated HR staff an opportunity to “referee” disputes among their...(Read Full Article)
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