Have Conservatives Gone Dark?

Going dark in a general sense means to cease communications or activities.  This tactic can be applied to espionage, military operations, guerrilla warfare, and large segments of any population if a situation warrants it.  Judging from the results of recent political polls, one could argue that a significant percentage of conservative voters and perhaps even moderates have gone dark. If you were surprised by a July 19 ABC News/Washington Post poll that had Joe Biden up over Donald Trump by 15 points nationally, a CBS News/YouGov poll from July 26 that had Biden up by 10 points, or the most recent Economist/YouGov poll that has Biden up by 9 points, chances are you were not alone.  Conservative analysts would consider these polls less than accurate or deliberately juiced in some way to get a desired result.  However, if you look at the Real Clear Politics 2020 list of national presidential polls, the last time Trump polled ahead of Biden was...(Read Full Article)
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