Fox News Drifts Further to Port

I watched the 2020 Republican National Convention on C-Span, largely because the screen is uncluttered with banners and preview windows and they hang around at the end of such events for awhile, particularly when President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, or First Lady Melania is the speaker. I would try to turn to Fox for analysis only to see first up the shining visage of a Marie Harf or a Juan Williams, the Democrat who has lately been obsessing about something called “QAnon violence” whatever that is. Mornings at Fox have not been much better, with the likes former DNC chair Donna Brazile who, on Tuesday morning’s episode, lost it entirely when questioned about the DNC’s failure to address and accept responsibility for the anarchy, rioting, looting, burning, and deaths resulting from the Democratic Party’s push to empty the prisons, defund and otherwise neuter the police, and to not arrest or prosecute vigorously those perpetrating the...(Read Full Article)
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