Fighting Leftists' Assault on American Small Business

Masks are the mark of the times, symbolic of so much more than a means for virus protection.  The true masking in America is the nefarious hidden agenda of the Democrat party, co-opted by socialist ruffians.  The good news is that portions of the electorate are moving from the bewilderment stage on what is happening to our country to revealing the left's inner sanctum on how and why they are attacking our nation.  The more our minds dig for the ground truth, the more the subversive anti-America plot is revealed. There is a war on small business right now in this country.  The battle lines are tied to the tenets of capitalism and free markets, which value property rights and private ownership of production, versus socialism and communism, which value "workers" and communal or state property.  When we think of property rights, land and home ownership comes to mind.  But it also includes the right to own and...(Read Full Article)
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