Democrats, Wasn’t Life Great Before Trump?

  Before Donald Trump came down his escalator, things were going just fine.  Our economy was growing at a post-modern and sustainable 1.2%.  Deficits were rising, but that was because we were investing to help people. Congress passed the Affordable Care Act that subsidized health care for the poor. We had elected our first black president, and then re-elected him for a second term, a clear signal that the United States was no longer a racist nation. Manufacturing jobs were becoming a thing of the past, but factory work is hot and dangerous.  Better to let poorer nations do that for us. Undocumented workers were coming across the border by the millions, to do the jobs Americans didn’t want to do. Oil prices were at record high levels, so that meant Americans would be encouraged to buy more fuel efficient cars and help the environment.  We signed the historic Paris Climate Accord to stop global warming. China’s economy was doing...(Read Full Article)
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