Democrats, Wasn’t Life Great Before Trump?


Before Donald Trump came down his escalator, things were going just fine.  Our economy was growing at a post-modern and sustainable 1.2%.  Deficits were rising, but that was because we were investing to help people.

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act that subsidized health care for the poor.

We had elected our first black president, and then re-elected him for a second term, a clear signal that the United States was no longer a racist nation.

Manufacturing jobs were becoming a thing of the past, but factory work is hot and dangerous.  Better to let poorer nations do that for us.

Undocumented workers were coming across the border by the millions, to do the jobs Americans didn’t want to do.

Oil prices were at record high levels, so that meant Americans would be encouraged to buy more fuel efficient cars and help the environment.  We signed the historic Paris Climate Accord to stop global warming.

China’s economy was doing great.  They were producing what we used to make in this country, and we were saving lots of money in our stores.  Soon they would be the top economy in the world, so other nations wouldn’t fear domination from the U.S. 

We signed a great deal with Iran and they promised they wouldn’t finish building their nuclear weapons for ten years.

And it looked like former First Lady Hilary Clinton would collect the second big milestone and become the first woman president and continue Obama’s legacy.  There were sixteen do-nothing Republican candidates running against her, and everyone said she was a shoe-in.

And then along came Trump.

He was quickly branded as a misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic homophobe who hated the handicapped.  His sometimes foul speaking style was that of a common New York working man.  No way would he get the nomination, and, if he did, Hillary was a sure thing.

The public on the Left was told to hate him, and on the Right, he was presented as a Democrat in Republican clothing.

But somehow, despite all their efforts, he won the nomination.

The outgoing Obama administration went into overdrive, manufacturing excuses to wiretap the campaign so they could dig up dirt to derail Trump.  But they didn’t find anything, even when they tried to blackmail insiders into to revealing damaging information, or making it up.

Still, all the polls showed Hilary would win in an electoral landslide.  No problem.

Then Trump won.

The shock was cataclysmic.  Not only did we miss out on a continuation of the Obama regime, our new president was a monster.

There was tremendous pressure to stop his presidency at all costs.  Every word he said was twisted, every legislative proposal was opposed, even members of his own party, believing the media hype from the campaign and upset that political business as usual came to a halt, cooperated in the opposition.

But our brash new president changed our perspective.  If you look back at what we were told about the Obama years you might realize that things weren’t that great after all…

A 1.2% growth rate wasn’t the best we could do.  Trump’s deregulation and tax cuts quickly led to high growth and record low unemployment, and manufacturing experienced a resurgence.  We realized that the prior deficit spending did nothing the help the economy, just Obama’s political allies.

The Affordable Care Act did cover pre-existing conditions and subsidize the poor, but the deductibles were so high that no one could afford to be sick and the premiums were raised for everyone else.

The final end to racial division never materialized, in fact, it had gotten significantly worse.

We started to add up the costs we were paying for illegal aliens entering the country – drug trafficking, sex trafficking, massive costs to states for health care, education and policing.

We learned that the Paris Climate Accord didn’t apply to the world’s two largest polluters, China and India, and the massive transfer of wealth to implement the deal was projected to lower the earth’s temperature by only .7C in fifty years.  Trump pulled us out.

Despite all the obstacles, Trump set about dismantling the Obama legacy and draining the swamp.

He ended thousands of excessive environmental regulations allowing the use of fracking and building new oil pipelines.  This dramatically dropped the price of energy, further boosting our economy and cutting off the main funding source for our overseas enemies.  The increased use of natural gas meant that our air was cleaner and our carbon emissions were cut by 25%, without the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump also pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, amidst intelligence that they were not keeping their end of the bargain.

We learned that the strong Chinese economy was being propped up by currency manipulation, illegal trade policies, and massive espionage and theft of trade secrets.  Chinese expansion was revealed and opposed.  And with the coronavirus we now know the full extent of the despicable nature of the China regime.

A Hillary administration would indeed have been a continuation of the Obama legacy – a weak United States, helpless before our enemies, and an ascending China, with their plans to control the entire world. 

If you were happy before Trump you were believing the lies the media told you. 

Now we’re faced with a choice in November between Trump and Biden.  But we’re no longer looking at a possible return from Trump back to Obama.  While you were sleeping, the Democrat party was totally taken over by the radical Left, communist/Marxists, and Black Lives Matter.

Despite all their promises, the new Democrat agenda would be worse than a return to the American weakness of Obama.  It would be a complete dismantling of our society with government control from cradle to grave, racial division with our cities looted and on fire, and our economy in shambles because of massive tax increases and renewed government regulations.  All of America would look like California and Democrat inner cities.

We would return to open borders, high unemployment, high energy prices, leaving foreign nations in control of critical resources, pharmaceuticals and strategic products.  China would return to cheating, bullying and expansion, and a nuclear Iran would be blackmailing the rest of the world.

Yes, Trump is brash and unfiltered.  We all wish he would think twice before tweeting.  But he has done more for this country than we can imagine, while being attacked from all sides. 

The Democrats don’t care about the success of our nation, their only goal is power, and they will stop at nothing to regain it.  This is why we are seeing a frantic call for “mail-in” voting (not the same as absentee voting), which will put millions of undeliverable blank ballots in the hands of political operatives to fill out for the candidate of their choice.

Their lust for power is most clearly shown by their new disdain for the filibuster rule in the Senate.  If they win, the filibuster is going to be scrapped, and Democrats will be able to shove their radical agenda down the country’s throat with a simple majority in both houses.  Our Founders warned us of the dangers of mob rule.

Independents and moderate Democrats, wake up.  Look at what Trump does, not how he says it.

Look at what the Democrats do, not what they promise.

Don Rosenberg is a conservative political consultant for groups and candidates, recently working on the Ben Carson campaign and the Reopen movement.

Image credit: Steve Jurvetson, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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