Black Lives Matter's Symbiosis with White Supremacists

George Orwell showed in Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm that totalitarians and "movements" usually need a real or even an imaginary enemy against which to rally their followers, lest their leaders otherwise become irrelevant.  The rulers of Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia in Nineteen Eighty-Four needed one another as enemies to convince their people that "increasing" the weekly chocolate ration from 25 to 20 grams was necessary for the war effort.  David Duke and Richard Spencer would be relative nobodies were it not for leftist extremists who engage in looting, arson, rioting, and vandalism.  This is, in fact, a strong incentive for white supremacists to infiltrate nominally peaceful Black Lives Matter events to incite violence.  The leaders of Antifa and the BLM movement would similarly be relative nobodies were it not for swastika-waving white supremacists chanting, "You will not replace us" and engaging in...(Read Full Article)
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