Andrew Cuomo, Serial Killer

In an opening night convention speech stunning for the depth and breadth of its chutzpah and hypocrisy, New York governor Andrew Cuomo ignored his own criminal negligence in ushering patients infected with the Chinese Wuhan virus into New York nursing homes, sentencing tens of thousands of vulnerable seniors to death. It was perhaps fitting that the first night of the party of death’s national convention, a party that supports the killing of unborn life on demand up to and even after the moment of birth, featured New York’s angel of nursing-home death. Cuomo spent the evening obfuscating the disease’s origins, denying the immediate and effective response by the Trump administration, and not mentioning the federal help he received -- and ignored -- which could have saved untold lives. As Fox News reported: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic during his Monday night speech to the Democratic National...(Read Full Article)
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