Always Victims, Never Bullies

One of the best analogies I've ever heard came from Bill Whittle, who likened Democrats to a younger brother repeatedly poking his older brother.  After ignoring the first few pokes, the older brother eventually becomes agitated and slaps his younger brother's hand away.  The younger brother cries to Mommy, demanding that his older brother be punished for his behavior. We see this analogy routinely play out in politics, and while a seasoned mother may inquire about what preceded the hand-slapping, in our current political climate, that is a question we're not supposed to ask.  The Portland mayor cited Donald Trump sending in federal troops as the culprit for violence in Portland.  We are supposed to believe that before federal law enforcement arrived in Portland, "peaceful protesters" were holding hands, singing "Give Peace a Chance."  We are not to ask what led to Trump sending in federal...(Read Full Article)
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