Adolf Hitler and Norway

A number of books and films have told and made familiar the story of the invasion on April 9, 1940 and occupation of the country of Norway until May 8, 1945 by Nazi Germany during World War II. Germany quickly gained control of major coastal towns, but King Haakon VII and his government refused to surrender and went into exile in Britain. The country was controlled by an occupation force of 300,000 under the military commander General Nikolaus von Falkenhorst, and Adolf Hitler appointed the former gauleiter Josef Terboven as head of the civilian occupation regime. Later, a puppet government headed by the pro-Nazi Vidkun Quisling was created. The SS and Gestapo functioned independently, using their normal methods of torture, murders, and secret burial grounds. The division of authority meant inefficiencies and confusion over policies and their implementation. But the real power was determined by Hitler, who had his own vision and agenda for Norway. That vision is discussed and new...(Read Full Article)
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