A New Prohibition Is Silencing the Deplorables

Students of American history will recall the colorful figure of Carrie Nation, who in her enthusiasm for the temperance movement, took to whacking up saloons with a hatchet.  The six-foot-tall Nation would later go on to earn her a living from her notoriety by selling small axes as souvenirs. Nation’s avid co-laborers in the temperance movement would later succeed in passing legislation prohibiting all alcohol consumption.  The broad sweep of what she and others saw as a deleterious influence on individual and national health and welfare accomplished little in the way of removing the scourge of alcoholism.  But the temperance movement did assist in accelerating the rise in criminal enterprises, fostering a general contempt for civil authorities and an undermining of civil authority, particularly in the big cities; which saw a tremendous explosion of criminal enterprises interested in supplying booze to the thirsty American public. Law enforcement was...(Read Full Article)
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