Why Biden's Lead Will Evaporate

Recent polls indicate that former vice president Joe Biden has a significant lead over President Trump. Democrat leaders are holding their self-confidence in check as they recall the horror (to them) of 2016. Likewise, the horrors of the last few weeks will not be forgotten by the voters in November. The marathon campaign for the presidency will soon kick up a notch or two. Current polling data is as meaningful today as it was in 2016. Trump’s star will rise before November, in part due to these three impactful factors, which are primarily favorable to President Trump. The Democrats have yet to tell Joe Biden who his VP candidate is going to be. In an early campaign blunder Biden declared a preference for a black female, thus limiting the DNC’s options. This is not intended to be a detailed analysis of the potential nominees, but rather an overview, as to why the decision on his running mate will work to Trump’s advantage. First, consider the DNC wants to...(Read Full Article)
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