The Veil Has Dropped from the Mainstream Media

The last few months have represented a microcosm of just how destructive the mainstream media and their accomplices in the Democratic Party are.  Their masks may cover their faces when they are seen in public, but their veils have been fully ripped off.  Make no mistake: the media are just as conniving, cynical, and nefarious as ever, but now they do not even pretend to care about journalistic standards of objectivity, integrity, professionalism, or the well-being of this country.  They have been playing the American people for suckers and underestimating our intelligence for years.  Now they truly believe we are blithering idiots, and just as naïve as they always thought we were. Read the Washington Post or the New York Times, turn on CNN or MSNBC on any given day over the last few months, and all you will find is old-fashioned yellow journalism and nonstop hatred of all things pertaining to President Donald...(Read Full Article)
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