The Left and Borglum's Legacy

Thanks to the tenor of the times, Donald Trump’s epochal 4th of July address has, despite his own intentions and the impact of his words, put the crosshairs on Mount Rushmore. Though it has gained momentum in recent days, the campaign to degrade Mount Rushmore has been in gear for some time now. One of the triggers was a thoroughly PC piece published in 2016 in no less than the Smithsonian magazine. Just take a look at the subjects. Washington, we know, was a slaveowner. Forget that the fact that he manumitted his slaves as soon as it was practicable. Forget that he trained them in trades or provided pensions for them. Forget that he presided over the beginning of the largest abolition of slavery in human history up to that point. None of that counts under Antifa law. Jefferson, we know, was even worse, having raped his daughter’s teenage companion and gotten her with child. Of course, we all know that the researchers of the paper “proving” the fact...(Read Full Article)
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