The Insidious Impact of Twitter

Twitter claims to be a modern-day public square wherein those without a forum can discuss, debate and share their opinions and views.  However, it has evolved into a primary source of fabricated stories and copy farming for the media, the principal driver of policy for the political parties, particularly the Democrats, and a vehicle to intimidate businesses and major corporations.  On July 14 Bari Weiss, former New York Times opinion writer and editor, penned a scathing letter of resignation addressed to the publisher of the Times wherein she stated: “Twitter is not on the masthead of the New York Times.  But Twitter has become its ultimate editor.”  A recent study by the Columbia Journalism Review concluded: Twitter may not have the same globe-spanning reach such as Facebook, but one group of professional users has adopted it en masse: journalists.  The lure of an always-on, news-heavy social network that includes access not just to...(Read Full Article)
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