The Implosion of the Left's Language Circus

Recent fiascos in Portland and Chicago indicate a dangerous turn for the left.  Portland's mayor let anarchists terrorize the downtown for fifty days, then fueled a psy-op campaign blaming the destruction on Trump.  Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, lashed out at Donald Trump just before hundreds of protesters hurled projectiles at police before a Christopher Columbus statue.  Next, they marched to surround her house, yelling expletives at her. Conservatives worry, understandably, about whether the public will blame this chaos on Trump.  Many signs indicate that the left's propaganda machine has worked.  As a personal endeavor, I contacted Democratic friends and relatives during June and July to see if we could find common ground.  There exists no common ground.   All the Democrats I know hold Donald Trump personally responsible for the spread of COVID.  They believe that racial violence...(Read Full Article)
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