Media Malpractice on COVID Numbers

COVID-19 data are and have been all over the map since this entire mess gained steam earlier this year. It has gotten to the point that any “numbers” presented as news are suspect at best and fraudulent at worst. Is this media incompetence or malpractice? Ignorant or deliberate? Fox News ran a constant side bar in the early days of the pandemic, with U.S. death counts, much in the way cable news business shows run a ticker of the Dow or S&P 500. How morbid, but it provided fodder for media talking heads to run around like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, waving their arms and screaming in panic. Now that death counts are dropping to the point that they blend in with normal birth and death statistics, the media have predictably pivoted to case counts as their new hair-on-fire statistic to stoke fear, keep the economy shut down, and hopefully banish their nemesis back to the land of Mordor, also known as Mar-a-Lago. Total cases are...(Read Full Article)
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