Live as a Conservative, Vote as a Leftist

Who are traditional liberals? Traditional liberals are a base of voters and Americans who blindly accept the mainstream media narratives of Trump’s inability to preside over the country, his damaging effect on race relations, his ineptitude in dealing with the coronavirus, and the Republican Party’s indifference to the middle class. The kicker is that these people think Joe Biden has better mental faculties and preparedness to lead a nation. He couldn’t lead the support group in his retirement home. These people think Trump will lead to the destruction of America, somehow ignoring the fact that Black Lives Matter publicly states they want to dismantle American systems. The media calls Trump a divider, then praises an organization built on sowing division.  One great frustration concerning traditional liberals is their complete unawareness of the changing world. They think Democrats in the mold of John F. Kennedy are still in office. They believe the...(Read Full Article)
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