Jews Need to Jexit from Democrat-Left Racist Poison

I am a proud American.  I am also Jewish, and equally proud.  I'm particularly proud that Judaism gifted to the world the first anti-racist notion when it said all men are created in the image of God.  Black lives indeed matter to me as a true liberal (now called a conservative Republican).  They matter, as all lives matter in their essential humanness.  That means they matter deeply because each of us, from conception to death, is imbued with the spirit of God.  It also means that humans matter especially based on their humanness, their character, behavior, virtues, and values.  The essence of their being is not material.  It is certainly not the concentration of skin pigment, of oxidized tyrosine in their dermal cells.  Nor does the essence of their humanity come from hair texture, genital makeup, height, strength, portfolio size, where their grandpas immigrated from, shoe size, or their...(Read Full Article)
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