Jews Need to Jexit from Democrat-Left Racist Poison

I am a proud American.  I am also Jewish, and equally proud.  I'm particularly proud that Judaism gifted to the world the first anti-racist notion when it said all men are created in the image of God.  Black lives indeed matter to me as a true liberal (now called a conservative Republican).  They matter, as all lives matter in their essential humanness.  That means they matter deeply because each of us, from conception to death, is imbued with the spirit of God.  It also means that humans matter especially based on their humanness, their character, behavior, virtues, and values.  The essence of their being is not material.  It is certainly not the concentration of skin pigment, of oxidized tyrosine in their dermal cells.  Nor does the essence of their humanity come from hair texture, genital makeup, height, strength, portfolio size, where their grandpas immigrated from, shoe size, or their body mass indices.

The Democrat, the man of the left, disagrees.  Skin color is a defining characteristic of one's humanness.  Such a notion is the mark of a foul, pre-biblical, illiberal, and regressive ideology.  Such a view is tragically now rampant on our burning streets, in our classrooms, on our news feeds, on leftist blogs, in sports stadiums, and especially from the mouths of Democrat-leftist politicians.  Such a view is an existential threat to America.  Such racism should be repugnant to an American Jew's value system.  But the majority of my fellow Jews embrace this Democrat-leftist party — where, now, the only vestige of true systemic racism remains in America.  It's beyond shameful.  I don't know if it is willful ignorance or just sheer brainwashing from our media and schools that has so distorted the minds of so many good people.

Look at what is involved with this embrace.  The Democrat party, unlike America, dear New York Times, was birthed in the poison of slavery, racism, and segregation.  The poison has run now 170 years through American Democrat Party history, where today such evil remains as potent and nefarious.  Now the racism has morphed from segregation to separation, as the great writer and radio host Mark Levin says.  Black and white men, we are now told, are essentially different beings, and never the twain shall meet.  White men think and act one way and have a certain set of values, and men with higher concentration of melanin pigment in their dermis think and act differently and carry a different set of values.  Joe Biden , even from the fog of an ill brain , said it succinctly: "'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."  Great conservative blacks like Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Tom Sowell, Candice Owens, and Carol Swain are said by the Democrat left not to be true blacks.  They are banned from our leftist Democrat media.  Democrat John Calhoun from antebellum South Carolina could not have spewed such raw racism as well as his successors in the modern Democrat left.  And my fellow Jews vote for this?  It's shameful beyond words.

How could any citizen with liberal American values, any Jew, now walk onto our university campuses and not be utterly repulsed at the normative racism displayed by our Democrat left — people who now command and control almost all of university life?  Their views and actions are right out of 1930s Germany or plantation Alabama in 1840.  Campuses have graduation ceremonies and dorms, social groups, and orientation ceremonies limited to people only if their melanin pigment levels in their dermal cells reaches a certain prescribed level.  Administration buildings on these campuses are full of $175,000-a-year deans of diversity and inclusion searching out with obsessive precision the pigment level of school, professorship, and administrative applicants.  Entry is gained if leftism and pigment levels reach high levels.  University teachers and administrators are demanding that our young learn the racist notion about the shame they should feel and obligations they have to repay others because they have "white privilege" — that is, too low a tyrosine polymer concentration in the cytoplasm of certain cells.

It goes on throughout our society as the left destroys pillar after pillar of American liberalism.  The Democrat-leftists tell us that citizens with dark skin are too incompetent to obtain a photo ID to vote.  They inform us that these citizens must get points added to their SAT, ACT, LSAT, or MCAT scores because their mental capacities are not up to those of lighter skin color who also by definition have not had to face the vicissitudes of life like a man "of color" has.  This week, the music critic of the N.Y. Times wrote, and that despicable paper published, that citizens with much melanin in their skin cannot be expected to learn to play a musical instrument at the level of a N.Y. Philharmonic player, hence they should be accepted into the orchestra with much lower standards.  How degrading to a man to be considered so fundamentally different and incompetent because of skin pigmentation.

Our Democrat left inform us that citizens rioting, burning, and looting must not be held to basic standards of self-control and restraint because of skin shading.  It's why Democrat-left mayors and governors have barred police from doing their job.  The radical leftist Obama education department told our poor beleaguered teachers to cut out disciplining American kids disrupting our classrooms if their skin melanin levels are too high.  Just last week, leaders of the National Museum of African-American History, each a hardcore Democrat leftist, told the world that people with dark skin in America do not and should not embrace basic Western and American norms like self-reliance; rational, objective thought; delayed gratification; the nuclear family; progress; and respect for authority.  Such values, they say, are inherent to people with low levels of skin pigmentation — white folks.  The Democrat-leftist leadership of the University of California have told the country that if a man says there is only one race — the human race — he is a racist.  The implication is that there are two separate essences in humanity, black humans and white humans.  Now topping the Holocaust-denying, Ukrainian Holodomor–denying, and Russia hoax–pushing New York Times list is the White Fragility book.  John McWhorter, a professor and citizen with dark skin, noted in a recent op-ed that this book teaches us a whole new permutation of raw racism.  It argues, he notes, the obnoxious and immoral notion that our humanness is intricately entwined with our melanin pigment levels. 

But the Democrat left, including the majority of American Jews, are in love with this Democrat-left political party.  In essence, it has become really a religion or cult.  No fact, no argument, no appeal to liberal, biblical, Enlightenment values, no self-reflection can shake the commitment to the magisterium of the Golden Donkey.  The Jewish, Christian, black, white, straight, and gay left also laps up the poison of this ideology as it attacks not only our liberal notions of race, but our basic American notions about everything else.  Leftists tell us that liberty, small government, republicanism, love of country, a God-based and God-fearing society, free-market capitalism, strong nuclear families, traditional notions of marriage, respect for the Constitution, the fact of two sexes, the love of biblical values, protection of unborn girls and boys, protection of private property, sovereign borders, a colorblind society , respect for authority, law and order...all basically stink.  That's why we have the new "burn it all down, baby" movement from the Democrat left — all egged on by our Democrat media, academia, the Democrat party, and Hollywood.

All Americans, particularly Jews, the people who introduced liberal enlightened values to the world, should be ashamed of embracing any of the values of this Democrat-left party — especially its racism.  It has been a poison on the American soul since its inception.  Now, 170 years later, its poison is as noxious and deep in all areas of American life.  Its new variation of raw, crude, virulent segregation/separatist racism is one of its most evil brews infecting our beautiful country.