How White Educated Female Liberals Are Destroying the Culture

Malcolm X once stated that the black community’s greatest enemy was the white liberal.  If he were living now, perhaps that perspective would change and narrow to white liberal women.  Many of us recognize that white, educated, liberal women are becoming the enemy of any remnants of traditional culture.  Over the last few years, these white, guilt-ridden women have become a force for promoting identity politics and the demonization of men.  One does not see this more than in the professions of human behavior and mental health.  As an East coast therapist, I have heard stories about microaggressions concerning race, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.  For those of us who do not subscribe to this increasingly fanatical, Orwellian creed, we either self-isolate or are ostracized.  The silence of dissenting voices is the mandate of these Left-wing females. A couple of years ago, I ended a friendship that was increasingly eroding over...(Read Full Article)
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