High Culture’s Imminent Surrender to the Woke

Not at all surprisingly, the classical music world is now squarely in the sights of the woke mob.  So now the gang of callow American Maoists is going to teach us that excellence in classical music -- composers and performers -- is also a white male plot.  I suppose that soon great American symphonies will be hiring violinists who might just barely be able to cut it in a small-town community orchestra.  And the Metropolitan Opera? As an opera lover I can attest: Few sounds are more grating to the ear than opera badly sung, and to sing it well takes extraordinary talent and a lifetime of devotion.  For lovers of classical instrumental music and opera, prepare yourselves for mediocrity and worse.  Can the legitimate stage and museums be far behind? Of course, in the current revolutionary environment, the culmination of 50 years, this had to come. It's important to see this ongoing cultural revolution in some kind of historical context. ...(Read Full Article)
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