Does Black Lives Matter Create a Hostile Work Environment?

Black Lives Matter has created an environment in which you can destroy just about anybody by calling him a racist, and now we need to turn this environment against BLM. Could a good employment lawyer argue that an employer's or university's support for BLM constitutes an actionable hostile work environment or hostile learning environment? One of the qualifications for a hostile work environment (or hostile learning environment in a school or university) is simply that somebody has to feel offended, which is the "woke" Left's favorite method of attacking its enemies. The complainant must also show that it is discriminatory, pervasive, and harassing. A swastika or KKK hood would almost certainly meet all these requirements for a Jewish or black employee. A good lawyer might be able to argue that an employer's support for Black Lives Matter similarly creates a hostile work environment for Caucasians in general and Jews in particular. Does Black Lives...(Read Full Article)
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