Criminals in Occupied Paris

The hours of the Vichy regime forever sully French history and insult the French past and traditions. President Jacque Chirac on July 17, 1995 confessed that the criminal folly of the Nazi occupiers was seconded by the French state. In his new book, The King of Nazi Paris, Christopher Othen recounts the sordid Gothic horror story of a group of malefactors, a gang of criminals, crooks, pimps, corrupt and disgraced police, mafiosi, fallen celebrities, fake aristocrats, pimps, gold traffickers, even a former captain of the French national football team, who worked for the Nazis during World War II against the French resistance. Villains had come out of the shadows of the Paris underworld and played a role during the Occupation, aiding the Nazis at a time when France was a disoriented and confused country. The Carlingue gang, sometimes known as the Bande de la Rue Lauriston, or Bonny-Lafont, was a major criminal organization under the Occupation. The name Carlingue, the cabin...(Read Full Article)
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