Black Lives Matter Has Super Powers? Here's the Kryptonite.

Lloyd Marcus's "The Source of BLM's Super-Power" concludes, "But most of all, BLM's demands are evil.  Everyday Americans must say, 'No!' putting an end to BLM's takeover of America immediately." This article gives everybody it reaches the power to send BLM, along with its political, academic, and corporate supporters, crashing down in total ruin.  This material, all of which readers and other interested parties can verify independently from the links — you don't have to take my word for it — also has the potential to demolish the credibility of ActBlue, the Democrats' key fundraising organization, and the left-leaning Thousand Currents organization.  This material is, to be quite blunt, what Kryptonite is to Superman, Valyrian Steel is to the White Walkers in Game of Thrones, and a cross is to Dracula.  The issue consists simply of BLM's apparent misuse of 501(c)(3)...(Read Full Article)
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