Biden and the Democrats Can't Win by Insulting Americans

Jeb Bush once rebuked candidate Trump by sneering that the plain-speaking New Yorker couldn't insult his way to the White House.  Of course, Jeb! was wrong!  It turns out you can insult your way to the presidency, so long as you're insulting the same people Americans dream of insulting, too. Donald Trump insulted the D.C. mammon-worshippers who sold out American workers for communist China, and 68% of Americans agreed.  He insulted a political class that had done nothing but aid and abet illegal immigration at the southern border, and 57% of Americans agreed.  He insulted the self-appointed priests of political correctness, and 65% of Americans agreed.  He insulted an American government golem that has spent more time and money fighting foreign wars than building bridges, fixing roads, and constructing state-of-the-art airports at home, and 58% of Americans...(Read Full Article)
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