Biden and the Democrats Can't Win by Insulting Americans

Jeb Bush once rebuked candidate Trump by sneering that the plain-speaking New Yorker couldn't insult his way to the White House.  Of course, Jeb! was wrong!  It turns out you can insult your way to the presidency, so long as you're insulting the same people Americans dream of insulting, too.

Donald Trump insulted the D.C. mammon-worshippers who sold out American workers for communist China, and 68% of Americans agreed.  He insulted a political class that had done nothing but aid and abet illegal immigration at the southern border, and 57% of Americans agreed.  He insulted the self-appointed priests of political correctness, and 65% of Americans agreed.  He insulted an American government golem that has spent more time and money fighting foreign wars than building bridges, fixing roads, and constructing state-of-the-art airports at home, and 58% of Americans agreed.  Sometimes he did it with a well crafted speech, sometimes with a raucous rallying cry, and other times with a schoolyard taunt that fixed itself firmly around his opponent's neck like a clove of freshly cut garlic.  What he never did was insult indiscriminately, and he never turned his ire toward the American people.  What President Trump has always understood, and what the Democrats have found too difficult to grasp, is that the "art of the insult" works only when you target the small number of people with all the power, not the great majority of Americans with no power at all.  

Hillary Clinton called half of America "deplorable" and "irredeemable," and Pennsylvanians, Wisconsinites, and Michiganders knew she was talking about them.  

Jemele Hill is certain that every single Trump voter is inherently racist, and Americans tired of being called names by their televisions have chosen to cut ESPN and CNN and MSNBC out of their lives for good.

The NFL and Team USA Olympians and other sporty turncoats have decided to turn their backs on a national anthem we sing to honor the sacrifice of all before us and the promise of national unity for all ahead, and they may be surprised to find that Americans have no need to pay homage to athletes who can't pay homage to heroes.  

And Joe Biden, having entered the race for the presidency under the pretense of returning the nation back to the "normalcy" of the Obama years, has decided to openly embrace the Democrats' hatred for everything American by promising a "fundamental transformation" of the country the likes of which we've never seen.  If the Supreme Court can't get in line with the left's rewriting of the Constitution, he'll just pack the Court with ten new Democratic Socialists.  If the Republicans in Congress can't get in line, he'll kill the filibuster and unleash economy-smothering industry regulation in the name of climate pseudo-science, Bill of Rights–neutering erosions of liberty in the name of social justice, and the end of American citizenship in the name of colonial and racial reparations requiring the opening of our borders and the embrace of U.N. secretary-general (and Portuguese socialist) Guterres's plans for one-world government to replace U.S. sovereignty.  If the people can't get in line, well, he'll just keep importing new people until they comply.

There could be no greater insult to Americans than to ignore their wishes on immigration, burn their flag, tear up their Constitution, and spit on the graves of their loved ones while undertaking to deprive them of exactly what their loved ones fought to preserve.  Yet that is what the Biden-Sanders "unity task force" promises to do.

There's a war for free speech in this country, and Joe lobbies Facebook to censor President Trump's speech and demands that Democratic Party pundits be allowed to monitor and reframe the presidential debates if they don't go his way.  There's a war against local police in this country, one that has resulted in the murders of too many men and women in blue ever since the Obama administration first declared "open season" on their profession, and Joe takes sides with the Antifa terrorists and the burn-loot-and-murder mobs destroying black neighborhoods and black dreams.  There's a war against commonsense solutions to a virus that has stolen the livelihoods of American workers and the childhoods of their children, and Joe insists that schools and businesses must remain shut down until at least the day after the presidential election.

Never have so few done so much to hurt so many, and that's exactly what Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have had in mind.  To win in 2020, the Democrats have decided to insult and dispirit the American people until they have lost so much that they forget there's still more to lose.  There is a knee pressing down on every American's throat and a "Vote for Biden" pin on the chest of every bully doing the choking.

The socialists running the Democratic Party never miss an opportunity to miss a historical lesson.  It is amazing that after four years of watching an insurgent presidency conducted by the outsider of all outsiders, Donald Trump, they are able to conclude only that insulting America and her history will lead them to power.  Americans can accept the brash, in-your-face politicking of a bare-knuckled scrapper like President Trump because he turns his fists toward our common enemies.  Nobody likes being called a "lying dog-faced pony soldier" while getting sucker-punched for not wearing a mask and having his wallet stolen to pay Democrats for running their cities into bankruptcy.

Of course, if he's struggling with dementia, has spent fifty years as an establishment swamp toy, and told so many lies that he can't keep them all straight, how could Lyin' Biden possibly be expected to know anything about the last four years?  

Hat tip to Kaslin and the FReepers.

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