Beam Me Up, Please

If you are like me, you face each day knowing that some other crazy claim will sweep up millions of uncritical people, people willing to live in a contrafactual and contralegal world. There are too many examples of these waves of lunatic hysteria to recount here but let me note two: Russiagate and BLM. Russiagate Media coverage of the developments debunking the preposterous claim that the President colluded with Russia is both spotty and sparse. There’s a reason for it. Major media almost entirely swallowed the claim, conspired with its promoters, endlessly and prominently mongered it and has never apologized for so doing. This week Professor Charles Lipson wrote the very best chronicle of the most serious domestic political crime I can think of. I urge you not only to read it but also clip and save it as textbook level recounting of the events. Here’s a sample of this well-organized account of the critical facts: Mueller was appointed in May...(Read Full Article)
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