Bannon's Radio Free China

During the Cold War, Radio Free Europe (RFE) broadcast anti-communist messaging to countries behind the Iron Curtain. In addition to providing hope to victims of leftism and countering the official Soviet narrative, RFE shored up hope for change. The efficacy and threat of this western-backed and -operated “free flow of information” was recognized by the Soviet Union, such that in 1981, RFE’s Munich headquarters were bombed by Carlos the Jackal under the orders of the Stasi. Seventy-one-years after RFE’s inception and twenty-nine-years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the West continues to “provide accurate and timely news and information to… countries whose governments prohibit access to a free press,” only now it is targeting a new audience: the Chinese people, along with North Koreans, Cambodians, Vietnamese, and Burmese listeners. Radio Free Asia began broadcasting in 1996, but the CCP has managed, in large part due...(Read Full Article)
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