America, International Institutions, and the Strategy of the Weak

On June 23, sixty-seven countries signed a statement of support for the International Criminal Court (ICC), in response to President Trump’s Executive Order which threatened sanctions against the Court.  The statement epitomizes a discourse being promoted by many in Europe and the American Left, which prioritizes international institutions and consensus over national sovereignty and security.  This discourse, which reflects a time-honored strategy of weak nations, is based on a fundamentally false conception of international institutions as unbiased and non-political bodies and is one that the United States must actively oppose. International Criminal Court Building, The Hague, Netherlands (Photo credit: OSeveno) The signatories to the June letter declared: We remain committed to an international rules-based order.  The ICC is an integral part of this order and a central institution in... the pursuit of justice....  By giving our full support...(Read Full Article)
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