Where Black Lives Don't Matter

An exceptionally sharp young woman I know posted a video of a caravan of Millennial bicyclists in Atlanta peacefully protesting the inexcusable police murder of George Floyd.  Along the way, the group stopped at a traffic light, where they repeatedly raised their hands in unison to Black Lives Matter's signature chant — "hands up, don't shoot."  Apparently, none of them knows about the origin of the organization and its slogan. Black Lives Matter was founded in the aftermath of the 2014 Ferguson, Missouri police killing of an 18-year-old black American named Michael Brown.  Before the investigation of the fatal incident had barely begun, Al Sharpton, one of President Obama's most trusted advisers on race, rushed to Ferguson, where he helped spread an unconfirmed rumor that Brown was killed with his hands in the air while trying to surrender to the police officer who shot him. With all due respect to the bike-riding...(Read Full Article)
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