What Justice Demands

Nearly everyone has seen the video of George Floyd's killing, and no one with a good heart could help but be saddened.  George Floyd, himself convicted of the violent crime of aggravated robbery, suspected of attempting to pass counterfeit currency, and reportedly documented on body camera resisting arrest, was not a perfect individual, but he did not deserve to die. I support those who have peacefully protested his death, but I would insist on going one step farther. Each week on average, 333 Americans are murdered.  I would protest each of those killings with the same energy and emotion that has been directed at the case of George Floyd.  In my heart, I do protest those killings, including the 39 persons murdered in 2018 in nearby Orlando, where Val Demings served for four years as police chief.  Murders and assaults in Orlando are so frequent that it is painful to watch the local news. We should grieve for all innocent victims of...(Read Full Article)
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