What If Police Officers Go on Strike?

There is an incident, recorded on video, involving two Buffalo police officers.  The video shows  several officers from an Emergency Response team clearing a street.  As they advance, protestor Matin Gugino approaches officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski and blocks their path.  He appears to get argumentative and almost immediately makes some sort of motion toward one of the officers' duty belt and gun holster.  At that point, both officers push him back and away from them.  Gugino cuts a tall, lanky figure.  He stumbles backward, losing his balance, hitting his head on the pavement, where he begins to bleed.  Contrary to MSNBC reports that he was "left unattended," one of the two officers immediately bends down to offer aid.  His supervisor behind him taps him to keep moving forward and stays behind himself, using his radio to call for medical aid.  It should be noted...(Read Full Article)
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