What about Black Christian Lives?

Where are the marches and the outrage regarding the deliberate and quite systematic murder by jihadist Muslims of Black Christians in Nigeria and other African countries? At Genocide Watch (graphic pictures), one learns that Nigeria is "a killing field of defenseless Christians."  Since June 2015, "over 11,500 Christians have been murdered and 2,000 churches were destroyed."   The "statistics are based on careful records kept by church groups that include the names of victims and dates of their murders." Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen accounted for 7,400 murders of Christians.  Boko Haram committed 4,000 killings of Christians.  'Highway Bandits' who separated Christians from Muslims on buses and then killed the Christians committed over 200 murders.  Fulani Jihadists are now the world's deadliest terrorist group.  Five Nigerian Christians are massacred every day by Fulani and...(Read Full Article)
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