We Didn’t Fight for a Marxist America

When I returned from the war in Korea (1950-1953), fought to keep communist North Korea from taking over South Korea, our nation was a freer and better place to live in than today. But that would soon change despite the increasing benefits of technology. The following overview of the last seven decades, based on observation and study, will point to the role played in the decline of general wellbeing by domestic enemies of America that I and fellow brothers-in-arms took an oath to also defend against. Koran War Veterans Memorial, The Mall, Washington, DC (National Park Service photo) During the 1960s, Woodstock served as a launch pad for hippies and flower children to play out their fantasies of life. Their minds sacked by phony “liberalism” and utopian mythology, they reveled 24/7 in debauchery as thousands of their peers in Vietnam faced hell and death every moment of every day and every night. When they returned, these fighters would be reviled while the...(Read Full Article)
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