Three Species of Protesters

I have participated in numerous public protests in my life – on both sides of the ideological fence.  Regarding the litany of naïve causes I once championed, I will humbly take the Fifth.  While it’s always a risk to generalize, I believe that the people I’ve encountered at these events can be sorted in three basic groups: the sincere, the radical, and the barbarous. The sincere are generally the largest group one finds at a protest.  These are the people who have come to lend their voices to what they genuinely believe to be a righteous cause.  Only rarely do they have particular goals in mind.  I wouldn’t characterize the sincere as “peaceful protesters.”  The term “peaceful” isn’t really compatible with the word “protest.”  No one ever said to himself: “I think I’ll go down to the protest for a little...(Read Full Article)
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