The Left Craps Out

There are plenty of leftists swaggering these days. Cities have blazed, municipal and state governments have been humiliated, police forces are cowering, mighty corporations are trampling each other to apologize for things they had absolutely nothing to do with. At first glance, this appears to be the left’s moment in the sun, something they’ve looked forward to for many years, if not generations. Throughout the 20th century, the left’s problem with the United States was the lack of a proletariat to lead against the oppressors. The American working class  was the farthest thing in the world from an “oppressed” – they lived better than all but the ruling classes in most societies. What did they have to revolt against? Thanks to this, a revolutionary situation simply refused to develop. No thesis, no antithesis, and certainly no synthesis. The Left’s recent history was a forlorn search for an American proletariat it could place itself at...(Read Full Article)
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