The Haredim and Anti-Semitism

America is experiencing a developing crisis concerning anti-Semitism against members of the Haredic Jewish communities. It has already become big news in the northeast. These Haredic Jews (also called Hasidim) are often called Ultra-Orthodox -- they do not like that term -- and so I will respectfully refer to them generically as Haredim (which means those who tremble before God). America’s historically tolerant attitude toward the Haredim may be about to change. In the northeast United States, the spur is demography. Haredic groups have started to move into towns and -- for want of a better term -- take them over. Once in the majority of a town, the Haredim -- who send their own children to private schools -- often get control of a school board and defund the schools to the fullest extent allowed by law. The new [Haredic] majority on the board cut taxes and budgets, angering the public-school community. Some of the decisions they made -- to lease two public-school...(Read Full Article)
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