The Coming Reckoning Over the Economic Shutdown

As a result of states’ governors and mayors shutting down the U.S. economy for well over two months, forty-two million Americans have lost their jobs and thousands of businesses have gone bankrupt. Even as the economy shows signs of improving and the coronavirus abates, governors in California, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Michigan, and elsewhere stubbornly resist calls from their citizens and the president to fully reopen the economy. The media would have us believe that once all governors have lifted their lockdowns those most negatively impacted by the governors’ decisions during this period will simply forgive and forget. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Americans begin to assess the lockdown’s legacy of shuttered businesses and shattered lives, injured parties will seek accountability and even compensation, from the governors who shut down the states, the experts who prodded the politicians to do so, and the media outlets that encouraged...(Read Full Article)
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