Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: Capitalism in Medicine Trounces Socialism

Socialism or capitalism for health care?  We know that leftists root for the former.  They are fools to do so. I've been practicing medicine for over 30 years under various economic systems.  The V.A. I worked at is almost a liberty- free, hard-left system, with doctors and patients grinding through the day under piles of government laws regarding when, where, how much, and who will get medical care.  The waste and inefficiencies are in plain sight there.  Its socialist organization is why thousands of our precious veterans have died prematurely or suffered intolerable waits for the expensive and generally mediocre care of the V.A. system.  Most of my work life has been in "private" practice.  The "private" is really a misnomer, because 60–70% of "private" medicine is now socialized as well. Remember when Gomer Pyle, USMC, the funny TV character, used to say...(Read Full Article)
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