Revenge Racism Rules

A quintet of unmasked white tweens, oblivious to Covid social distancing, has been plastering our neighborhood with flyers. One reads “You are contributing to killing black people…do something you racist f***s.” Another reads “A man was lynched by police. What are you doing about it?” Another admonishes me to use my “white privilege” for “good.”  The specifics of good are not defined. The vulgar vigilantes were dressed for virtue signaling, short shorts so tight you could read dimples and pimples. Somehow, the white trash look seems appropriate to the occasion and the lite white guilt.  After all, Snowflakes  across the land are having a meltdown. In a more serious realm, Mac Market on MacArthur Blvd a few blocks away was trashed and looted last week too. Maybe that’s the “good” the girls seek. Such small stores are often owned by immigrant Korean families. Rodman’s, on Wisconsin...(Read Full Article)
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