Pin the Tail on Champions of Lawlessness and Anarchy

American cities aflame after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police should come as no surprise. Those small businesses and lives of everyday Americans that weren’t already crushed by the Democrat governors’ prolonged Covid-19 lockdowns were debilitated by the Dem mayors across the nation enabling and ennobling rioters, roving thugs, and bomb-throwers. Democrats own the consequences of their devastating policies, starting with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare state.  Barack Obama’s race hustling criminal coddling set the more recent tone where state and local law-enforcement officers were routinely attacked, accused of serial hate-inspired killings of suspects; where civilized norms were declared the illicit fruit of white privilege; where the epidemic of black-on-black homicides was either ignored or blamed on unresolved racial grievances. Where Marxist mayors demonizing and disarming their own police, nullified...(Read Full Article)
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