Netanyahu’s Defining Moment

Last weekend, thousands of Israelis protested Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to apply Israeli sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria beginning on July 1. The protest was organized by the far-left Meretz party and the communist wing of the Arab Joint List Party (Hadash). The heads of both parties called the sovereignty bid “apartheid.” In a video statement, Bernie Sanders opposed the plan and, again, falsely accused Israel of “occupation.” Sanders has an abysmal record when it comes to Israel. Despite all the naysayers, Netanyahu has a clear mandate for applying sovereignty, which is Israel’s inalienable right. Israelis support this move in large numbers (50.1 percent according to an Israel Democracy Institute poll, versus 30.9 opposed and 19% not knowing/refusing to answer) and over 60 percent, according to a recent Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security poll. After three years of political deadlock, Netanyahu now leads a...(Read Full Article)
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