Marx and the Rioters

If the cultural cancer of 21st century progressivism is ever to be successfully eradicated it will first be necessary for it to be seen for what it really is: a form of neo-Marxism that aims to destroy capitalism, and with it, Western civilization.  The roots of the current wave of pathological irrationality, intellectual deformity, and moral underdevelopment reach far back into the early 19th century in Europe, with the German idealist philosopher GWF Hegel’s idea of historical determinism. Marx seized on Hegel's dialectical system (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) and his philosophy of history and combined these with his own theory of class conflict as the determinants of social, economic, and political progress.  Marx claimed that history led deterministically to the one defining moment of the age and that it was left to a unique historically determined genius -- Marx himself -- to educate the world about this. Marx viewed human society as being basically...(Read Full Article)
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