Justice for George Floyd and Let's Go Robbing

Police are our society's sheep dogs who protect us from the wolves among us. No civilized society can tolerate a sheep dog that uses his or her teeth on the sheep, other sheep dogs, or even the wolves once the latter are in custody. Regardless of "Gentle Giant" George Floyd's rap sheet, and of whatever (if anything) he had done to result in his arrest, the police were responsible for his safety once he was handcuffed and on the ground, and this duty of care was apparently not fulfilled. Disciplinary action and criminal charges are therefore entirely appropriate based on what we currently know. Sorry, Your Race Card has Been Declined Have we stopped to consider, however, that much of the "Justice for George Floyd" movement is based on the totally unproven proposition that what happened to him was racially motivated? I have yet to see any evidence of a racial motive, and two of the officers involved are not Caucasian. Maybe Floyd gave Chauvin trouble...(Read Full Article)
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