It's Your Fault They Turn to Violence!

According to the media narrative, whatever unpleasant behavior a person or group is engaging in — from criminal and gang activity to sheer terrorism — if you're white and the other party is not, that proves that the behavior is entirely your fault.  Your insufferable racism and xenophobia have pushed these people over the edge; their criminal behavior is a reflection of their many grievances against you. This would certainly require ameliorating if it were true.  It's not.  This is not to say there is no racism, a thing that cannot be "legislated"; rather, it is to say that the overwhelming majority of criminal behavior is and always has been fueled by things other than grievances. Take Islam for instance.  Following the savage 9/11 terror attacks, the great question was "why do they hate us?"  The answer from the media and their array of "experts" was that they had grievances...(Read Full Article)
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