How President Trump Just Won Re-Election

It's visuals that take down a president, and the video of George Floyd's death is about as graphic as it gets — just like the victims of Hurricane Katrina stranded on rooftops, waving for help that was slow to come. Katrina was the end of President Bush's presidency, even though it occurred at the beginning of his second term.  After Katrina, Bush lost credibility and limped through the last three and a half years of his administration.  After Katrina, Republicans lost control of Congress, and Bush was powerless to accomplish anything, even if he had wished to. Bush was charged with being too slow and ineffective in his response to the storm.  In fact, it was local and state Democrats who were slow and ineffective.  The mayor of New Orleans seemed to have no advance plan and left much of the city submerged and in chaos, and it was Louisiana's governor, also a Democrat, who was slow to call out the National...(Read Full Article)
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