Donald Trump, St. John's, and Symbolic Leadership

The media has had a field day attacking President Trump for his walk across Lafayette Square to pay his respects to St. John’s Episcopal Church that was set afire by rioters. Certainly, as so many commentators noted, the rioters setting a fire at St. John’s crossed a line into territory that no sensible person could defend. Throughout its history, St. John’s has been considered a national church because sitting presidents since the 19th century have walked across that park to attend church at St. Johns. Numerous ceremonial events have taken place in that sanctuary where a pew was reserved for Abraham Lincoln. While the nation mourned the terrible injuries and even deaths from the rioting and despaired at the billions of dollars of property lost in the wanton destruction, the fire at St. John’s struck a nerve deep inside the nation’s psyche. The President’s gesture of respect -- acknowledging the importance of houses of worship and sacred places,...(Read Full Article)
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