COVID-19 Protection Advice from a Doctor, albeit a Dentist

Throughout my working life, I've had friends introduce me to strangers as "Dr. Pete."  The new acquaintance invariably comments, "Oh, so you're a physician?"  And then I reply, "No, I'm just a dentist."  Should the ensuing conversation veer into science or health care, I make sure to preface all my remarks with "I'm just a dentist, but..." How dentists became the idiot stepchildren of healthcare, I don't know.  Fact is, the first two years of dental school and medical school are identical.  And when you're attacking someone's corpus with needles, drills, Novocaine, and narcotics, you'd better have a damn good sense of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology lest you damage or kill your patient. So imagine my bewilderment in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic at all the politicians, pundits, and talking heads who've suddenly become experts in infection control...(Read Full Article)
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